Sales Management

The purpose of this module is to manage the profiles and buying/consumption behaviors of past, current and prospective customers to direct the sales and marketing arrows to the right goals. Besides, this module would enhance the operation and management of documentation and activities over sales & account receivables cycle for cost effectiveness and return maximization

Salesforce Management Manage the salesforce activities in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and customer service activities
Sales Order/Contract Generate and manage the sales order/contract to ensure promptly and accurately response with customer order.
Order Promising Increase accuracy of promised orders with customers based on the various inventory schemes (available-to-promise and/or capable-to-promise).
Credit Note Handle the customer complaints and credit notes for customer claims/reductions
Pricing and Discount  Manage various pricing and collection schemes for different customers/groups of customers to maximize the financial returns from product/service offerings.
Account Receivable Management and Receipt Allocation Tools and techniques to manage the account receivables and receipts from customers to minimize the working capital plugged in account receivables
les – Account Receivable Analysis  Various management analytics through in-depth reports and/or visual charts to convert the raw information into friendly available and understandable for different management levels.  
E-commerce Requirements Open business through Internet internally to employees for remote management or externally to the customers for strengthened interaction.

(*): More functions and features are always updating with GMC ExpertERP
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