Inventory & Warehouse Management

The purpose of this Module is to manage the inventory itself as well as its physical storage and movement within the enterprise warehouse system or across the supply chain
system. Embedded in this Module are the product costing & inventory valuation function and logistics strategies for picking & dispatch of physical goods.

Optimize the utilization of warehouse capacity and handling facilities & workforce in order to reduce the fixed asset investment. Enhance the physical control of stock to diligently detect and prevent the physical theft and demolishment. 

Stock Management Full tracking of stock profile by various management parameters and schemes
Re-ordering Management Maximize the cost effectiveness and efficiency of re-order when the free stock reaches the predefined re-order level and raise the proper re-order quantity to earn the bulk discount and economy of scale over transportation
Product Costing and Inventory Valuation Full methods of costing the manufactured products and valuating the inventory transactions/balances
Demand Planning Convert the sales demand to inventory demand and subsequently for production and procurement demand.
Warehouse Structure Maintain the warehouse structure in a plant/warehouse premises
Warehouse Movement Generate and manage the warehouse movement documentation and activities (goods issues, goods receipt, goods transfer and internal warehouse movement). Embedded the pickup and dispatch strategies for efficient physical goods handling.
Integration with External System
Help to communicate with barcode scanner, touch screen monitor, electronic weight scale, handheld scanner, camera, printer to accelerate the inventory data processing.
(*): More functions and features are always updating with GMC ExpertERP
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